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What's the difference between Stopper and Stopper Pro?

The Stopper app lets you input and review game data for players. Stopper Pro is the browser-based desktop dashboard that lets coaches and program directors review player data from the Stopper app via customized club settings. Basically, Stopper Pro is a club management tool that lets coaches review their Stopper players.

Which profile setting should I choose when setting up a player in the app?

If your club doesn't have a Stopper Pro account, choose "Universal Player Setting" in your Profile Settings. If your club has a Stopper Pro account, choose "Stopper Pro Clubs Setting" and search for your club in the "Club" options. This will allow you to access customized Season, Division, and Opponent settings.

I entered a goal by mistake. How do I delete it?

Simply press and hold the same orange dot you used to enter the goal for 2 seconds. Done!

Can I delete games?

To delete a recorded game, go to your Stats, tap the search function on top left and from there you can choose to either view or delete individual games. You can also delete a game in progress before saving from the Game Summary screen – simply tap “Delete Game” on the top right.

Do I need a data connection to record games?

Yes, Stopper needs a connection to the internet. Either wifi or data works. If you do not have a data connection, you can still record a game but tap “Pause” once the game is over and wait until you have connectivity again before tapping “End” to save the game and record the result.

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