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High-performance goalkeeper development, in the palm of your hand.

Understand your game with Stopper - the app that gives players data-driven insights into their on-field game performance.


Player insights at a glance.

Stopper uses heat maps to aggregate game data in key performance areas like Saves, Goals and Crosses. Other areas of game performance like Distribution, Communication and Self-Evaluation are visualized with charts and detailed stat breakdowns.

Stopper is designed as a powerful tool to help both players and coaches evaluate on-field performance and decision-making. 


Designed for use in real life. And at an affordable monthly cost.

Stopper is easy to use both on and off the pitch, thanks to an intuitive design that tracks goalkeeper performance across 7 key metrics. Most users find that a single session is all they need to become pros at recording all the game data that matters.

Between training and gear, goalkeeping can get expensive. Our goal is to provide keepers with the data they need to improve their game – all for less than the cost of a pair of gloves a year. 

All your players in one place
with MultiPlayer

One of our most-requested features! Stopper is now available as a Single Player or Multi-Player subscription, allowing you to easily track as many goalkeepers as you want. 


Download your data, right from your phone.

It’s your data – if you’re not using Stopper anymore, you still have ownership of it. Now you can download your visualized data by game, season or all-time. Another popularly requested feature!

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