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18,564 Touches Of Greatness

We’re proud to announce that as of today Stopper has recorded a total of 18,565 goalkeeper actions: 4059 Saves, 1044 Goals, 1043 Crosses, 8647 Distributions and 3772 Communication. How cool is that??! We’ve got hundreds of users tracking goalkeeper stats in countries as diverse as the US, the UK, Norway, Australia, India, Mexico, Russia and Greece.

Considering that football/soccer is the world’s most popular game, goalkeeping can be a bit of a lonely job given that it’s a specialized position and many clubs don’t give it the attention and support it deserves. When we launched Stopper, we couldn’t imagine that it would become so popular worldwide – good to see so many people out there supporting GK development.

Thanks to all our users for their support and all their suggestions for making Stopper better. Look forward to reaching even more #1s and celebrating their greatness! #gkunion

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