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App Update! NEW Edit Games Feature

We’ve always envisioned Stopper as a platform that provides an objective assessment of goalkeeper skill and ability – a common set of stats that provides better insight into game performance than save percentage or goals against average. Ultimately, we want it to be a common language for analyzing goalkeepers that allows players and coaches to connect across all different levels and organizations. In our early concept meetings, we discussed the risk of people gaming the system by adjusting their stats post-game – and so, very early on, made the decision to not allow editing once a game has been saved.


Fast forward a couple of years, and it’s become clear that editing saved games is a necessary feature, based on feedback from Stopper users. Recording stats takes time and effort, and the reality is that players and coaches use Stopper as a real tool to help identify player strengths and weaknesses, not a way to make themselves look good. Editing saved games helps eliminate input errors, making player stats that much more accurate.


How to use the new Edit Games feature:

  • Go to the game Stats screen and tap on the magnifying glass icon at top left. You’ll see a list of all your saved games

  • Tap the Edit icon next to the game you want to update and from there, you’ll be taken to a set of editable game data screens which function much the same way as recording a live game

  • Tap the orange circles to add a point; press and hold in order to delete a point

  • Tap Save Edits at any point to save your changes

Highlights from the new Edit Games feature:

  • Set plays like Penalty Kicks, Free Kicks and Corner Kicks have their own Edit screen, accessed from the Goals, Saves and Crosses screens

  • Edit Set-up lets you adjust important game set-up details like season and date

  • Edit Ratings will allow you to edit Communication, Self-Evaluation and Game Result data.

Download or update the latest version of Stopper – let us know how you like the feature!

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