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New Updates For Stopper

We’ve been working on a number of updates to the app and now the latest release is available in the App Store and on Google Play. If you’re currently using Stopper, the biggest difference you’ll notice is the Game Summary screen: when saving a game, now you can mark it as a Win, Tie or Loss. Another new feature you’ll notice – on the same Game Summary screen – is a “Keeper Sentiment” rating, allowing the goalkeeper to rate their own performance.

We’ve also done lots of smaller UI updates, taken care of a couple of bugs and improved the scaling on the data capture interface to make it look and work better across a broader range of mobile screens. And for those of our users looking to track multiple players, or a single player across multiple clubs/teams – we’re working on it! We’ve got some exciting new developments in the works that we’ll be updating you on in the next few months.

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